Monday, December 8, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

Digital Scrapper I am not. Dang it. I want to know how to create digital scrapbook pages and I want to be able edit my photos quickly and easily. But I can't. I have Photoshop Elements and I can barely use it. It's ridiculous. I know it is a user friendly program and even the Elements software package has a lot of editing and creating capabilities. But I'm not capable. Creating two text lines and two border lines on this photo about taxed the entire extent of my digital scrapbooking abilities!

So this is the cover photo for our annual Christmas newsletter. I still need to find, edit and add some comments to the rest of the photos for the inside. What did we do this year? Where ARE we this year!?! lol! 2008 was a very very busy year for this Rindal family and I can't even begin to consolidate it into a few photos with a few captions. We traveled to over a dozen states from the east to the west to the south and then moved to the north! We watched or played nearly a hundred baseball games and about 60 softball games - including Softball World Series and Baseball Elite World Series. We sold a house and lived in hotels for months. But Christmas is around the corner and I am challenging myself to get our year in review done this week! Ack - did I say that out loud?! Better get back to my photos!


Covered In Crafts said...

That's really cute!

Jacquel said...

Digi scrappin'! I think you did a great turned out cute!!!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Oh my gosh! What a fabulous, creative cover page!

Anonymous said...

Great photo. It turned out really well!

Kay Kalthoff said...

How totally cute!! Is that dear Trace I see? LOVE that picture! I have no scrap-digi skills at all. I'm so proud that I can actually add text to my photos!! lol! You are well on your way. I love the story of where you've been this year. I can't even imagine that many hours watching baseball and that's a sport I like!!

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